SEO strategy involves much more than keywords and link-building

Successful SEO integrates with every aspect of your website and marketing. Any SEO activity (from onsite optimization to link-building) that doesn't also sell, promote or build your brand is an opportunity wasted.

And that works both ways — your website and marketing should also be boosting your search engine positioning.

SEO for more customers not just visitors?
How refreshing…

Don't just get more traffic and higher page rankings, generate more business too

When it comes to SEO it's easy to become obsessed with chasing traffic, page impressions, Page Rank etc. And all too easy to lose focus on the point of SEO — to get you customers.

Vivid Copy will bring that focus and create an effective SEO strategy that:

  • Focuses on attracting customers not just hits
  • Targets specific audiences
  • Delivers high-value content optimized for real visitors
  • Is organic and doesn't risk indexing penalties or exclusions
  • Is more efficient — saving you time and money
  • Integrates with effective landing pages, sales funnels and other marketing
  • Optimizes your website's structure and XHTML

Beyond SEO, once visitors land on your site, it's effective sales copy that will convert them to customers. After all, what's the use of SEO that only gets traffic not more business?

With SEO copywriting you get high-quality content that goes further than search engine optimization to deliver true content optimization.

If you want SEO that delivers more customers not high bounce rates then Let's Talk.