Organic SEO naturally delivers higher search engine positioning

High-quality content written for real visitors is at the heart of successful SEO and a successful website. Forget the artificial additives (keyword stuffing/ meta keywords) and spammy link-building. Don't chase traffic, get customers.

The fundamentals of Organic SEO

Search engines, like real visitors, really don't care how pretty your website is

An organic approach to SEO copywriting will naturally optimize your website's value to visitors and there's much more to it than artificially cramming keywords into content. Factors that search engines analyse for their rankings include:

  1. Relevance — content matches what people are searching for
  2. Context — relevant words and phrases around keywords, headings, emphasis, links…
  3. Originality — search engines, like people, love original content
  4. Freshness — emphasis is placed on new content
  5. Credibility — the number/ ranking of relevant sites linking to yours
  6. Connectivity — linking to/ from related sites and internal pages
  7. Popularity — visitor numbers, time-on-site and how many pages read after landing
  8. Honesty — underhand tactics (e.g. keyword stuffing) face ranking penalties/ exclusion
  9. Accessibility — correct XHTML markup and site-structure with easy navigation and meaningful sectioning under relevant headings

Every day search engines gather, analyse and sort millions of pieces of information, using complex algorithms to serve up web pages that are relevant, up to date and authoritative. Why? Because that's what real people want!

Search engine algorithms are always evolving, but the fundamentals remain the same:

Search Relevance Authority of Source Search Engine Accessible
To appear in the SERPS for a specific search term your web copy must be relevant and in the right context. For higher rankings your website must build credibility with content that's original, fresh, popular and well-connected. To be indexed at all your web content must be accessible to, and not attempt to trick, search engines.

For sustainable organic SEO you need effective content that search engines and visitors love. To get the response you're looking for you also have to ask yourself, "Is my content written for the right visitors?".

Vivid Copy attracts more customers not just traffic. Does your current SEO Strategy?