Anatomy of an SEO-copywriter

SEO Copywriter - John Broughton

Writing effective copy that will get a response takes an understanding of you, your business, what you need to say and how your target audience want to hear it.

Being good with words is only the beginning.

Copywriting Articles

Copywriting Articles

Escape the word cage with Wizely (my pen name)

Online copywriting is about more than words

Wordsmithery ain't enough for a modern copywriter — it takes creativity to bring your words to life so they're engaging, memorable and build a vivid identity.

I could show you a sock-drawer full of unfinished novels but more relevant would be over a decade of writing for business. From analysis and strategy documents, through proposals and presentations, training and manuals, to marketing… we're talking about clearly communicating ideas to get a response.

A copywriter needs a wide range of experiences to draw from. My story is one of writing for business. It starts in a laboratory and goes via the Great Wall of China.

  • Geekery from the online content specialist

    Digital copywriting needs an entirely different skill-set to writing for print. From SEO to online reading behaviour and web designs for optimized content… And having marked-up over 40,000 pages of semantic, valid and standards-compliant XHTML/ XML, rest-assured I know my stuff.

  • Understanding from the scientist

    My career began in the research labs for a big name in electronics. Oh, there was mixing of concoctions and some minor explosions, but mostly it was hours of painstaking analysis of the figures to create new theories. A scientist must understand and turn complex things into something coherent, clear and commercially meaningful. That takes an ability to communicate ideas and understand business.

  • Experience from the business analyst

    To develop these analytical and communication skills I moved into business analysis/ marketing (for a utilities company, a national newspaper group and a market-leading online legal publisher). My Job? To ensure sales/ marketing were working effectively and in harmony — understanding the business/ market to find new opportunities and the best ways to reach potential customers.

  • Inspiration from the explorer

    I've been lucky, having spent many years seeing the wonders of this world — from the Galapagos to the Great Wall — awe-inspiring sights, incredible people and colourful cultures. Sure it makes me a bore when I start with the slideshows and yet another travel story, but it means I'm never at a loss for inspiration or a first-hand experience that will bring your copy to life.

Putting this understanding, experience and inspiration into Vivid Copy is what will get you results. You'll also get all the advice you need on how to maximise the effectiveness of your content and generate more business.

You will also get proofreading/ editing from a highly qualified proofreader/ editor

Cheryl Hutty, Proofreader My name's Cheryl and I'll be making sure you get the highest quality copy. I've got a fistful of qualifications from the LSP (London School of Publishing) and the Publishing Training Centre and I'm an Advanced Member of the SfEP (Society for Editors and Proofreaders).
With many years' experience as a professional copy-editor/proofreader I ensure Vivid Copy is in perfect shape.

More than just grammar and spelling, I ensure content flows and is well structured and perfectly balanced for SEO/ readability.

If you want an SEO copywriter that delivers more than words then Let's Talk.