Targeted copywriting gets a direct response

Well written copy fine tunes every element of your copy — style, tone, level, pace, structure, word selection, metaphor, theme — to your audience.

Recognising and utilising differences in target segments is critical.

Targeted copywriting

Generic copy appeals to everyone and no one.

When potential customers visit your website they'll be forming opinions of you and your business, checking for key facts and looking for reassurances. Different people have different:

  • expectations, wants and needs
  • psychological/ emotional triggers
  • online reading behaviours
  • reasons to buy
  • perceived reasons not to buy

When making buying decisions we all weigh up the facts — the features, benefits and prices — but we also need to trust who we're buying from and, so many times, convince ourselves we need what we want:

"OK this plasma TV screen is double what we wanted to spend, but think of all that extra room we'll get in the lounge"

Typical conversation with my partner

It's targeted copy that meets expectations, fulfils wants and needs, stimulates the right triggers, is optimized for online reading behaviours, and reinforces reasons to buy whilst overcoming perceived reasons not to buy.

Targeted copywriting

Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting

Websites love quality content

Offsite Copywriting

Offsite Copywriting

Vivid FM gets you heard

Targeted copywriting sells

An effective website isn't about attracting more visitors — it's about getting customers.

This is where you need targeted sales copy to close the deal. Vivid Copy will convince your prospective customers to respond and that takes more than listing the facts, the features and the benefits, more than meeting needs.

What do your customers really want? What's their main drives and expectations? What holds them back from responding?

Vivid Copy targets and then engages, guides, informs and entertains visitors — encouraging them towards a response, to buy. Essential in Website Copywriting and for effective Marketing Copy.