Persuasive copywriting? I'm convinced there's more

Persuasive copy is better than passive copy that forgets to sell, but Vivid Copy will give you much more powerful sales copy that's packed with emotional and psychological triggers.

Words need to go beyond persuasion

You'll get better results from copywriting with the brains to target emotions

Online selling is as much about building trust as it is about convincing people you've got the answer they're looking for. The internet has more than a trillion pages and countless competitors struggling for the limited attention of busy people — potential customers just don't have time to evaluate and compare every choice.

The big secret to great conversion rates is… people looking to buy really want your website to be the one with the answers, they don't want to search all day. Give them facts, make a clear offer, but make sure you make them feel right about buying from you.

Compelling copy will create an emotional response rather than simply trying to persuade potential customers through listing features and benefits.

Getting emotional?

Is there a place for emotion in business? Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize for Economics by showing the importance of emotion in buying decisions, and emerging fields such as neuroeconomics, behavioural economics, neuromarketing and NLP are playing an ever-increasing role in how businesses operate.

Through understanding your visitors' wants and creating the right emotional and psychological triggers, Vivid Copy works hard to attract and engage visitors, leading them to the desired response (to buy, to sign-up, to get in touch…). It does all this whilst building trust, credibility and your brand reputation.

Effective sales copy will go much further than just persuading potential customers you've got what they need.

Sales copy that outperforms simple persuasion calls for Targeted Copywriting.