Sales copy that gets a response

Attracting visitors is important, but then what? You want customers.

Copywriting exists to get a direct response from an audience. Just as top sales people use their 'gift of the gab' to close deals, it's your website's copy that does the selling.

Sales copy that sells!

Have you forgotten the most important ingredient for a successful website?

A common shopping list for building a website might look something like:

  • A nice new site design with a pretty logo and sharp looks — makes a good impression
  • SEO — get higher search engine rankings
  • More SEO — maybe even get more traffic
  • A blog — this is a 'must-have', every serious website has one
  • The latest, greatest gadget or gizmo — add some functionality that's bound to impress
  • A pinch of accessibility and w3c standards — reach a bigger audience

So, mouth watering with the taste of success, you blend the ingredients together and then serve it up. Guaranteed success? Not a chance.

Copywriting sells

None of the ingredients in this list will sell a thing. Where's the substance? It's content your visitors want and it's effective sales copy that will turn them into customers.

For a good site you don't want to buy cheap and nasty ingredients either. Would you really be satisfied shelling out your hard-earned money without getting an effective sales ingredient, without a return? It's effective sales copy that sells.

A customer isn't just someone who buys a product or service; a customer might be someone buying into your philosophy, supporting your cause, clicking through an ad or signing-up to receive more information.

The point is you want a response. Have you tried Persuasive Copywriting?