Touchpoint marketing builds customer loyalty and boosts sales

Are you taking advantage of every point of contact?

Reaching new prospects is the hard work done. But it's by no means the end of the story. Whether someone goes on to become a customer or not — there are plenty of opportunities for rewarding conversations.

Go on, I'm listening…

Successful marketing doesn't stop when people buy or don't respond

It's much easier (and cheaper) to cultivate an existing relationship than it is to attract new prospects. You're not spending time and money reaching an audience, you already have it. From website visitors to customers — more conversations lead to more conversions.

The internet provides an almost limitless way to have a conversation — from the tried-and-tested email campaigns, newsletters and press releases to the boom in social media with blogging (and microblogging like Twitter), social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn et al) and content sharing sites (like Digg and YouTube).

  • Keeping the conversation going

    A prospect doesn't immediately respond, does that mean the conversation should end before it gets going? Try again with a different message, try new channels and create new opportunities to evoke a response. And I'm not talking about spamming.

    Long-term success comes from creating and using opportunities to engage current/ future customers.

  • Time to talk more, to talk to your customers

    You want loyal customers who are advocates… out there spreading the word. Nothing is more effective in building a strong brand and getting more customers. That of course means keeping customers happy and that also means keeping them talking.

    Don't just talk to sell — managed well, a sale is just the starting point of a profitable conversation.

  • Conversations go somewhere…

    Conversations aren't just about the hard sell to close the deal there and then. By keeping in touch with customers and prospects at key times you will build trust and loyalty. Providing useful answers to real problems, keeping people up to date with important information, checking they're happy, asking for feedback… the list is endless.

Turn every touchpoint with a potential customer into an opportunity to attract, convert and retain. You will reach prospects sooner and start the conversion process from the moment you first reach a prospect.

A good conversation goes somewhere, it leads to a response — start yours today, Let's Talk.