Marketing campaigns designed for results

Marketing can't just get attention, it has to get results. Campaigns are most effective when the message is strong and works hard to get a direct response.

It takes well written copy targeted at the right audience.

More marketing bang for less buck

Why settle for ordinary response rates when they can be Vivid?

Online marketing is so attractive because of its ability to reach big audiences so easily and so cost-effectively. If you're not getting a response and a decent ROI you're not just wasting money — you're wasting time, effort and, worst of all, opportunities.

There are 4 vital components to any successful marketing campaign:

  • Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time
  • Getting your message read and engaging the reader
  • Clearly communicating your message
  • Getting a response

Your marketing must do all this whilst building your brand and standing out from competing messages. From the powerful sales copy of a direct response email campaign to press releases, from creative ad copy to the challenge of writing effective PPC ads — Vivid Copy gets a response from your communications.

Marketing isn't just about individual campaigns. You'll build loyalty and a better reputation as well as up-/ cross-selling more with Touchpoint Marketing.