Marketing copy — copywriting for a direct response

Marketing and promoting your website is critical and yet can be totally frustrating.

You know you've got something people want, you know they're out there — so how do you get them to respond? How do you get the results your business deserves?

Copywriting in marketing — convinced yet?

Effective marketing copy isn't about clever wordplay, it's about getting responses

There's a huge difference between getting people's attention and getting their business. That difference is well written marketing copy that evokes a response.

You need to get your name out there, convince people to pick up the phone, email you, visit your website… let go of the purse strings. Sound daunting in these tough times? It needn't be if you focus on what will get results.

Marketing is about effective communication — knowing what to say, how to say it, when and to who. It's about attracting attention, getting your message across clearly and convincing your audience you've got the answers they're looking for.

Marketing's not about showing off creativity and sinking your money into massaging a creative's ego. It's about results.

Push the envelope but don't focus on it

Good design is important in maximising the effectiveness of marketing, but it's not what gets results. The message does the hard work, it's what sells. Get the message right and effective visuals will follow.

Copywriting is thankfully less glamorous than graphic design. I say thankfully because, as a copywriter, I get my hands dirty working on the grass-roots stuff that makes marketing campaigns successful — understanding your business and finding its voice that will resonate with potential customers to evoke a direct response.

To really reach the audience beyond your website's borders, try targeted and effective Campaign Copywriting.