A copywriting process designed to get you results

When creative thinking, real business insight and copywriting combine, you get anything but ordinary.

Our copywriting process mirrors and complements that of other creatives (web designers, graphic designers, etc.) making it easy to ensure every element (website, copy and visuals, etc.) are working in harmony.

Copywriting Process

Painless, efficient and effective — 4 small steps to BIG results

Each project is different and will be tailored to your specific copywriting needs. What follows is a good guide to what you can expect.

  • 1. Discovery, Research and Analysis — understanding your needs

    The starting point is a solid understanding of your business, your target market and customers to identify your copywriting needs. We'll then conduct relevant research into your market, competition and SEO to form a content optimization and copywriting strategy.

  • 2. Designing your concept — what we'll say and how we'll say it

    Starting with your key message we'll turn it into a memorable and engaging idea (your proposition) and design an effective and creative communication. In other words, creating the right style, tone and theme that will most effectively deliver your ideas to your audience.

  • 3. First draft — getting the job done

    Your copywriting takes shape; guided by the right strategy, building on the strong concept and solid understanding of your copywriting needs.

  • 4. Review and revision — making you happy

    This final phase is all about ensuring you are completely thrilled by your Vivid Copy. Following your feedback the final draft is copy-edited and proofread to ensure 100% accuracy. If you'd like, your copy will be marked-up in HTML so it's ready to go.

Making this process work means really listening and understanding what you want to achieve, along with all the skills necessary to be a modern SEO Copywriter.

This is a broad outline of the general process, the specifics will depend entirely upon your needs. So, if you're ready to get real results, Let's Talk.