Web design is about maximising the value of your content

If your website isn't getting the results you want then, no matter how beautiful, how good is the design really?

Effective web design, like Vivid Copy, is about optimizing content — that's why the two work so well together.

What's the point of web design?

A good web designer adds value to a website by getting the most from content

Web design and copywriting share the same goals — to get you more online business. Optimized web content is the substance and driving force behind commercially successful web designs — after all, high quality content is the reason your website exists and why people visit it.

Your business doesn't need to chase design accolades, it needs to get results.

Vivid Copy will refine your web design to make it more effective, working alone, with your designer or one of our network of talented designers.

Copywriting plays a crucial role in web design. The right design choices come from understanding the business goals of your website, your target market and content.

Create a useful, information-rich site […]
Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do.

— Google 1 2

Your website's architecture (the pages and how they're linked) obviously depends on how the content is structured. And the optimal content structure creates effective landing pages, sales funnels and a linking structure to lead visitors to a response and improve SEO.

Whether you're looking to revamp an existing site or start off on the right foot, putting Vivid Copy at the heart of your website will get you results.

Copywriting Portfolio

Copywriting Portfolio

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Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting

Quality web design needs quality content — make sure yours has it

Colours and graphics should be the last things on your mind…

The first step in designing an effective website is understanding what needs to be designed

What should you say on your website and what should you leave out? How many pages should your website have? How should these connect together and with the rest of the internet? Where will visitors arrive and what are the most effective paths that will lead to a response? What structure is optimized for real visitors and search engines?

These are important questions that only your content can answer. To make sure you're asking the right questions Let's Talk.