New model copywriting

In the internet era, old marketing strategies are collapsing. People now have incredible choice/ control over what content they want and how, where and when they access it.

Websites, search engines, blogging, social media, content sharing sites… from YouTube to Twitter, there are millions of digital voices competing to attract an audience.

This is the Attraction Economy and it's changed the business landscape.

Is your online presence working hard enough to attract customers?

SEO may attract visitors, web design help engage — but it's high quality copy that will attract and convert more customers.

The inefective attention and persuasion approach

The ineffective Attention and Persuasion approach

It's no longer enough to try grabbing attention and persuading people to respond to your message.

Using isolated elements, from branding to SEO, in an attempt to push prospective customers towards a response leads, at best, to high bounce rates and chasing visitor numbers. At worst you're damaging your brand and driving away sales.

Attention and Persuasion is all about thrusting pushy messages in front of potential customers, interrupting what they were doing, lecturing on what they need and making some big promise before directing them to a response. Where's the attraction?

SEO Copywriter

SEO Copywriter grounded in business

These ideas come from years in business analysis/ marketing:

  • Copywriting designed to get you results
  • Maximise the value of your content
  • Get more from your website, SEO and marketing
  • Build a strong brand that stands out
Online Copywriting

Online Copywriting puts the theory into practice

Vivid Copy's Irresistible Attraction Copywriting Model

Irresistible attraction into words

The Irresistible Attraction Copywriting Model is at the heart of Vivid Copy. We're talking about strategic content optimization blending SEO, web copy, marketing and brand-building in line with your business and target audience.

You'll get copy written to create a Vivid Identity with a consistent and powerful voice to attract customers.

Wouldn't it make sense to improve performance and do it more cost-effectively with an integrated strategy that's driven by the internet's most valuable asset — high quality content?

You'll get more customers by putting Irresistible Attraction at the heart of your website and marketing through Communication Design.