Communication design will get you more responses

Graphic design focuses on the presentation of images and words to create a unified composition that best communicates the message.

Designing the right layout, typography and visual elements takes a deep understanding of the content, your business and your target audience.

Weapons of mass attraction

It takes substance to be beautifully effective —
arm yourself with more than eye-candy

For a successful website or marketing piece you need beautifully effective design, not just eye-candy. Attracting attention isn't even half the battle (do you get 50% response rates?) — getting a response is where the war's fought. Copywriting and graphic design are formidable allies.

Communication design seeks to attract, inspire, create desires and motivate the people to respond to messages, […] involves strategic business thinking, utilizing market research, creativity, and problem-solving.


Communication Designer

What a Communication Designer says about his Vivid Copy:

I'm really keen to get the new structure and copy up and running, it works really well and you can't fault the logic.

Ian Cooper

If your website or marketing materials aren't designed to maximise the effectiveness of your content then, no matter how pretty, what you've got is a template — just stuffing your content into a generic design isn't what gets results.

Worse still, over-designing can reduce the effectiveness of your copy by distracting and overwhelming the reader, destroying sales funnels and flow, overshadowing calls-to-action, confusing and concealing the message…

Effective graphic design is driven by the content, helping your copy get read, clearly communicating your message and evoking a response. To ensure copy and design are in harmony we make sure optimized content is at the heart of the process, working closely with designers to deliver a unified and response-getting result.

Communication design is the driving force behind a successful Web Design.