Tone-of-Voice positions and strengthens your brand

In today's digital age successful brands are built through conversations and engaging audiences.

Trust and reputations are built through the power of words — your brand can't be neatly designed and positioned — it's shaped by what people are saying about you.

A question of writing with style

Copywriting that gives your brand a voice people will listen to

Substitute 'reputation' for 'brand' and it's easier to see how branding is your word, it's what you promise. Branding and the right tone-of-voice is more important for small businesses who must work harder to get a response from their audience.

In the glass-walled hallways of corporate branding agencies, tone-of-voice has become a bit of a cliché with attempts to define a brand and control the language used in communications through setting simple rules. Vivid Copy is about finding your voice, not inhibiting it.

The best copywriting style for you:

  • Fits in with, doesn't drown out, your natural voice
  • Is in tune with what your audience will really listen to
  • Works effectively in the medium where it'll be heard
  • Differentiates you from the bland drone of your competitors

We're not just talking about what vocabulary or grammar to use. What you choose to say and how means understanding your audience and striking the right balance between professional and approachable, authoritative and down-to-earth, being different and alienating, etc. Your copy must be sincere, honest and true to your brand values.

Giving your brand a powerful voice takes Creative Copywriting.