Get engaged online with creative copywriting

Creating vivid and memorable copy that engages visitors is a big challenge in writing for the web.

Creative copy stimulates psychological/ emotional triggers, generates interest and evokes the response you desire — to buy, to sign-up, to support a cause…

Serving delicious and fresh content

With lashings of smooth, irresistibly rich words written to stimulate

Ever been absolutely stuffed-full after a delicious meal? Can't eat another thing, not even a single forkful more? And then the waiter asks if you'd like to see the dessert menu. Well, there's no harm, just out of interest, but really I shouldn't…

Berry chocolate heaven

Layers of fresh red berries running through sumptuous moist chocolate brownie, served hot, with lashings of cream.

Tempted? How about by:

"Chocolate brownie and cream — wheat, flour, butter, sugar, milk solids, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, soya, lecithin 476, flavours, eggs, raising agents, raspberries, redcurrants. May contain traces of nuts"?

Not so much.

Effective sales copy is more than listing the "ingredients" of your offering.

Creative copywriting works hard

A good dessert menu works hard to overcome a customer's resistance to buy. Through evocative and creative copy it forms an image in the reader's mind that stirs up an emotional response, going beyond selling to meet a need, it creates a want.

I never need a dessert, but a good menu always makes me want one!

Creative copy has your visitors salivating, eager for more; it serves up course after delicious course, each one more appetising than the last — satisfying the hunger but feeding the desire for more. And, just when that visitor is full, their hunger satisfied, Vivid Copy pulls out the dessert menu.

Creative copy sells.

Get a slice of the action by putting tasty, customer-quenching words in your Sales Copy and Marketing Copy with Vivid Copy's creative Online Copywriting.