Brand-building is about trust, credibility and reputation. And that's not just for big names

Your brand is your name, it's your word. While the internet provides access to a huge audience, it's at a distance, and that makes it harder to build the trust needed to make sales.

A strong brand isn't a marketing gimmick, it's essential in getting results.

Image doesn't mean images

Brand-building's vital in getting noticed, and building trust/ customer loyalty

Popular brands don't simply fulfil a need, they create a strong digital identity. Modern brands aren't defined by logos and corporate colour schemes, your brand is how people perceive you. Actions do speak louder than words, but before someone buys from you all they have is your word — they must believe you'll deliver on it.

Don't think copywriting will only deliver a meaningful and memorable strapline that hooks customers. Putting Vivid Copy into your brand means you will create a consistent and powerful voice that speaks directly to your audience. Saying the right things in the right tone-of-voice and style will do more than any logo ever could.

Copywriting for the Attraction Economy — beyond logos

Copywriting with today's Attraction Economy in mind means Vivid Copy is based on many of the insights employed by top brands. And that will get you customers.

The Attraction Economy is a description of today's marketplace, focusing on how consumer behaviour has changed in this digital age. Old sales and marketing strategies that try to grab attention and force a message onto an audience are becoming less and less effective. New strategies, such as social networking, blogs, crowd-sourcing, engagement marketing, viral marketing, etc., are so successful because they're about sharing content, having conversations, attracting customers and building reputations.

Our understanding of the Attraction Economy's core concepts means you will get copy written to reach customers.

Brands aren't built in a graphic design studio, they're built wherever your audience is talking. Getting in on that conversation starts by finding the right Tone of Voice.